2 September 2011

On a Whim Wednesday...

As you are all aware, Baby Cheye Creations makes a release every season by holding a "market night" on a specific day and time. 

Going forward, we have decided to make some changes. We hope that this new change will keep, you, our lovely likers, on your toes with all that Baby Cheye Creations has to offer!

Introducing "On a Whim Wednesday"! Every Wednesday we will release a couple of OOAK designs to purchase via our website OR we will announce special offers/discounts on our existing stock.

This will run each Wednesday between the times of 12pm and 2pm EST.

So be sure to tune into Baby Cheye Creations each Wednesday at approximately 12pm for your chance to get your hands on some OOAK's and special offers!

And I cannot finish this post by thanking my beautiful friend Catherine for coming up with the wording "On a Whim Wednesday" that fits perfectly with what we at Baby Cheye Creations want to achieve.

Jenny xx