10 August 2011

Behind the scenes...

We wanted to share with you Baby Cheye Creations in the making. As you all know Baby Cheye is about all things handmade, chic and girly. Our slogan is “Its all about the ruffles”.
We wanted to share with you our initial sketches when we first released back in January 2011. We only ever purchased the one pattern….we hand draw what we have in mind and then we adapt it to our original pattern.
When we started Baby Cheye Creations, we wanted to be unique and different from all the beautiful designs out there.  Our one and utmost idea, was to add ruffles to all our designs, hence, where we began with.... “Its all about the ruffles”.
"The Charlize” our ruffled neckline dress, was where it all started. We added an elastic waistline to the dress to add a bit more character to it.

From there we have used the same pattern (to ensure that all our sizing is the same) to create “the Giselle” your classic pillow case dress, but with armscyes and most of all ruffles!

Then we went onto “The Audrey”. We both drew up the sleeves to fit the pattern and added double ruffles to the bottom of the dress.

Our second release came along and we were deeply inspired by a top that Eva Longorio wore on an episode of Desperate Housewives. We adapted the design to create “The Eva” dress….sewn ruffles at the top and halter neck, finished with a bubble hem.
And from here “The Ivy” was born, also a halter neck dress with lots of ruffles at the bottom.

And not to mention our “Elsie” dress where we added puffy sleeves to our original pattern and added an elastic waistline, to give the dress more character.

Winter came along and we added even longer sleeves to our original pattern to create “the Peasant” dress. Bell bottom sleeves with elastic around the bicep. Tie up waistline and elastic neckline.

We also came up with a bloomer design and we used an existing pattern my mum had laying around to adapt the style we wanted.

Same with our pinni’s….my mum again had a pattern laying around (its great to have a dress maker in the family!) and we again adapted our own style to it. She also had a pattern laying around for a girls apron going back 20 years ago, which we used and highly tweaked to create our apron style pinni!

As for our latest release (Spring/Summer)….they are all “dress ups” of our original style dresses. Replacing the fabric ruffles with ruffled lace and adding pretty doilies. The idea of using plain fabrics this time, stemmed from the positive response we had with our apron style pinnis.

We have come so far in the last few months and we love what we do! We hope this post has given you all some  insight on the hard work that goes behind the making of the dresses for each of our releases.We aim to bring you better and unique designs every time! :)))))

Jenny xxx

2 August 2011

Only 1 week till our release!

We are almost there!

Mum has been flat out with the last of the dresses and aims to finish them all by the end of this week in time for next Tuesday night. She sent me one of each dress in the mail last week, so I was able to take photographs of all of them! Cheye now how a complete wardrobe for Spring lol.

I have since been busy working on updating our website with prices, photographs, and size availability. We hope that having them all on big cartel will neaten things up a bit and allow for genuine shoppers to check out with their purchase immediately.

To the right of the website you are able to sort through the dresses via dress material ie. 100% Linen, Linen Blends etc.

There is also updated information on shipping, payment, returns etc. We urge you to read over these details very carefully.

Please note, that REGISTERED POST is an option and we highly recommend that you add it to your cart before checking out.


Happy browsing!
Jenny xx